Saturday, December 19, 2009

For the Travelers

Several Feet of Snow in DC?

If I were a kid, I'd think this was a raw deal.

A snowstorm on the weekend? No need to wake up early and listen to the radio for school closure information, hoping my school would be on the list. (Do people even do that anymore? Or do they just go on the school's website for that information?)

But with my so-called adult perspective, I'll just send out a wish for all my friends on the East Coast to stay safe and warm -- even with that extra foot or two of snow.

And also (because ultimately everything we know comes from pop songs), I've learned from Camera Obscura's cover of Jim Reeve's "The Blizzard" that if you're planning on traveling today by pony you might want to make other plans:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting "Riding the Storm Out"! :)

Alex said...

Anon, think of that as my Xmas gift to you! :)

Deep Blue said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Alex. And for the record, some schools in the DC area have already decided they'll be closed on Monday, and I would bet they all will be.

Alex said...

Deep Blue, That's probably good news. I know your area tends to shut down nearly completely with a few inches of snow, so this will probably be a big challenge (especially coming so soon before Christmas).

BTW, I saw on the news last night some great video of Air Force one in heavy, heavy snow. Looked great.