Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your Antidote to the Political Conventions

Whether you lean left or right, I hope you can rock this hard when you're 73:

(And judging from the synthesizer, I'm guessing Ian wants to pick Pete Townsend as his running mate...)

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Maybe Townsend on synth & Mike Campbell on lead guitar. You go in with the right intent when you become President. I love the way Ian sees rhymes where mortal men don't (dylan does this too) but I love that risk-taking rhyme stuff like

somethin’ happens to you up on the hill/ it's business as you-zhew-well

I saw Ian maybe 10 years ago with Ringo's All-Starr band & he looked 30 then but now i'm realizing if he's in his 70s now he had to be in his 60s then. Unbelievable. God yes I too hope I can rock that hard in my 70s. And thanks for those good wishes, and the same back at you Alex