Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Music Snob

The Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Music Snob

Are you a music snob? Here are the top ten signs:

10. You’ve broken up with someone after examining his/her music collection.

9. When asked to name your favorite band, you subdivide your answer into categories such as “Post-British Invasion,” “Neo-New Wave,” “Pre-Grunge Garage Rock, Semi-Melodic,” etc., and continue listing your favorites long after the other person has stopped listening.

8. You alphabetize your albums by producer, not band name.

7. You know what song was #1 when you were born (and what other song from the Hot 100 blows that #1 song out of the water).

6. You’ve investigated copyrighting your iTunes playlists.

5. You easily pontificate on the artistic value of band reunions (the Animals, the Buzzcocks, the Police, Sex Pistols), but can’t be bothered to voice an opinion about the Who.

4. Tired of the lame cell-phone ringtones you hear all around you, you downloaded software to make your own ringtones of your more obscure favorite songs.

3. You regularly read at least 5 MP3 blogs (but only comment on 2).

2. Not only can you easily differentiate between the “Jangle” and “Power Pop” genres, but you can readily cite examples of people who misuse those terms.

1. As you read this, you mentally composed your own, much better list.

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