Thursday, March 26, 2009

Todd, Tums, and TV

It's important to meeeeeee.... that you know it gives you quick-acting, long-lasting relief.

I'm not opposed to pop songs in commercials. Sometimes they work well. The Fiest song from the iPod nano commercials a few years back was great. Using "Revolution" in that Nike ad was surprising (but at least the ad was for Nikes and not Odor Eaters). And the Volkswagon ad with Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" was moody and atmospheric -- like the song.

On one level, those ads all represent a certain selling out of the Baby Boomer ideals and memories of music. But at least, it's a selling out to something that's cool.

And then there's Todd Rundgren, whose "Todd is Godd" days are clearly way behind him. Because every time I see the new ad for Tums, I wonder what the hell happened. Having him sub for Ric Ocasek in the New Cars (reportedly for the money) was harmless enough, but does he really need to sell his best-known song as comic relief for an over-the-counter heartburn medicine? And couldn't he have gotten more money if he'd held out for the Herpes drugs (which at least reflect rock-'n'-roll behavior as opposed to a guy staring longingly at a plate of meatballs)?

Sure, Pete Townsend's probably given up on hoping he dies before he gets old, but at least when he sells out, the ads are cool.

Or is this just the first shot in the war on aging baby boomers that won't stop until Grateful Dead songs advertise Viagra and Jimi Hendrix songs shill for Depends?

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