Sunday, July 26, 2009

Judge Not (Lest You Be Judged By Your Record Collection)

Digital music has robbed us of the opportunity to examine the records (or even CDs) of new friends and acquaintances.

These days, it's considered rude to poke through your friends iTunes libraries (or so they tell me when they catch me).

But as important as what music people had was how it was arranged: randomly, in order of preference, by year, by genre, or alphabetically by artist name (and if it's the last one, should Andy Partridge get his own category or be filed with XTC? And do you consider Alice Cooper a band and file it under "A" or a singer and file it under "C"?).

Regular readers may not be surprised that my favorite way of arranging music is this:

And, as a special 100th post bonus, my favorite video of all time that features a drummer dressed up as a lion (and add 20 coolness points for the 45rpm adaptor painted on his bass drum).


Late Blooming Mom said...

God I love High Fidelity.
Though I am not a worthy music nerd compared to those guys.
A friend once examined my record collection and disdainfully asked,
"But where is your angst music?" All I could muster were the Billie Holliday Cds.

Steven said...

Hi, I stole, uh, borrowed, I mean paid homage to you by posting on my own blog about this. But I totally gave you credit because it's such a great post and idea.

You have a great blog and I love reading it. My music storage system is at: