Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's the Point?

Villainy! Treason! Public Naughtiness!

Apparently, Harry Nilsson was taking LSD one day and went for a walk. He was struck by how all the trees (and many other things in the neighborhood) literally ended in points.

And then he wondered what it would be like if everything in the world (including the people) had points.

And then he wondered what would happen if a round-headed boy were born into a world in which everything was required by law to have a point.

What would the point of that be? And could not having a point by the real point? At least some of the time?

Nilsson scribbled the outline to a fable, animator Fred Wolf did some drawings, and they sold the idea to ABC, who made The Point the first animated TV movie of the week.

The movie aired twice and featured Dustin Hoffman as a father narrating the story to his son and 7 new Nilsson songs (including "Me and My Arrow").

As was common in those days, the contracts didn't include provisions for video or DVD release (or, in this case, for anything beyond the initial airings). So when the movie reappeared on TV years later (and even later on video and DVD), Dustin Hoffman was replaced variously by Ringo Starr, Alan Thicke, and Alan Barzman.

But now, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first broadcast (or maybe because it's just cool), the great For the Love of Harry blog has the original Dustin Hoffman version in glorious 1971-era animation.

Click here to watch.

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Ah ... thank you, Alex.

I love the movie, and love the album, which somehow survived all my many household moves in all its original vinyl glory. But I didn't know its psychedelic background, though I have to say, being me, I suspected ...