Friday, March 4, 2011

Left and Leaving

Wish I had a socket set to dismantle this morning

In a lot of the best songs by the Weakerthans, melancholy and hopefulness engage in a battle of wills.

The longing drips from the songs, enhanced by clever wordplay and a point of view that combines the best of world-weariness and childlike creativity.

Who among us hasn't sometime wanted to go to construction sites and tape notes to heavy machinery saying "We hope you get to be happy some time."


We've got a lot of time
Or maybe we don't
But I'd like to think so
So let me pretend

So this morning, as the fog lingers on the mountains surrounding Anchorage, and the sunlight reflects white and blue off the cold peaks, I heard this song, melted into the music of the saw... and had to share it.

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