Monday, September 26, 2011

God, It's Such A Drag When You're Living in the Past

Maybe You Can Find Anything on the Interwebz

From 1987 (and arguably better than anything he released in the late 80s) comes an unreleased gem from Sir Paul McCartney:

I wonder what made him shelve this? Fear that he'd be seen as dwelling on the past (or condemning the past)? A gut feeling that the lyrics weren't up to snuff? A deep-seated fear that the Blue Meanies know where he lives?


Mister Pleasant said...

Amazing! I had never heard of this song, so thanks much for bringing it to my attention. I am embarrassed to admit that I wrote Paul off after the demise of Wings - until his material rebounded in the 21st century. Perhaps I should revisit some of his 80s/90s output after all.

Holly A Hughes said...

That's a big "arguably." Flowers in the Dirt is wonderful, just for starters. Macca just has awful taste when it comes to his singles, and that drives casual listeners away. The good stuff is all hidden deep in the albums, year after year.

Alex said...

Holly, oddly enough this was recorded for Flowers in the Dirt, then left off it.

And maybe I'm unfair about McCartney's '80s output -- especially given the uneven quality of some of his '70s output. :)