Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worlds WIll Be Changing When I Get Through

Austere and Lost

"You believe in some ridiculous things."

I know. But lots of people do.

"I'm not talking about the ridiculous things in religions. Or the shit you see on TV."

Yeah. I know.

"You believe in the phone call. The phone call that will change the world."

Not the entire world. Just my world.

"Your world doesn't change with a phone call."

Not yet.

"A single phone call?"

Not yet.

"Shouldn't there be some process? Something that takes a while to play out?"

Maybe. But maybe the world just changes with a phone call. Maybe you look back later and you see the difference. Maybe you divide everything into before and after the phone call.

"Has that happened?"


Not yet.

"But still you believe."


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