Sunday, February 12, 2012

But Did You Miss Her Much? Well, Hey...

CA is where everybody falls off the wagon under the wheels...

Heidi denied she had a problem.

Which was fine at first.

But eventually people started to notice.

Little things.

Like the fact that she couldn't go an entire week without drinking. (And, in fact, couldn't go more than two days.)

And the fact that she went from getting drunk with one person at lunch to getting drunk with another person at dinner to getting drunk with another group of people late at night.

Her boyfriend told her it wasn't a problem. He told her he's stay with her. No matter what.

But he realized he was making excuses for her.

So he stopped.

And she shipped herself off to rehab. Three times.

But it didn't take.

And then her boyfriend fought with her.

And she broke off contact with him.

Rumor had it she got sober. And started selling crystals.

Another rumor said she went sailing and drowned.

I ran into her ex-boyfriend the other day. And he told me he dreamed about her the night before.

But he had no idea if she's still alive.

And years later he admitted he had trouble remembering what she looked like.

And when he said he never gave her too much thought, he looked away quickly.

And I knew it was a lie.

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