Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post-Debate Analysis

Yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, I put forward a suggestion.

Instead of standing behind podiums (or is it podia?), candidates will engage in Candidate Debarchery.

This is a combination of Debate and Archery.

So any time one of the candidates lie, his opponent gets to shoot him with an arrow.

Yes, it's a Hunger Games-y suggestion, but we live in Hunger Games-y times.

Then I saw the debate.

And literally all I can think of is this:

(Skip directly to 0:43 for the important part...)

1 comment:

Mister Pleasant said...

I did not watch the debate but based on what I read about it I can only hope that those lies "are gonna get him".

By the way, the Thompson Twins are a totally cheezy yet very guilty pleasure of mine.