Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Said Anything About Love

From those long-gone days of silly video transitions, huge mirror sunglasses, and a time when Joe Jackson still had (a little bit of) hair:


Mister Pleasant said...

Those first two Joe Jackson albums are still the bomb. I bought "I'm The Man" in the 7" singles version - 5 singles in a nice little box.

Didn't we all have those groovy mirror sunglasses back in the day?

Alex said...

Definitely. The first two Joe Jackson albums are nothing short of astonishing.

And the third one is almost as good. (I still love what he wrote in the liner notes for Beat Crazy: "This album represents a desperate attempt to make some sense of Rock and Roll. Deep in our hearts, we knew it was doomed to failure. The question remains: Why did we try?")

And, yes, Mr. P., it was required that all humans have those mirror sunglasses at that time. Fortunately, not all of us are plastered all over YouTube. :)