Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is It Any Wonder

Just watched Family Band, the documentary on the Cowsills.

Between the Cowsills and the Beach Boys, is it any wonder that family bands pushed onto stage by abusive dads lead to tragedy?

And that's not even counting the Jacksons.

(Although one of the Cowsills is married to one of the Bangles. So I guess the story has something of a happy ending...)


tim brough said...

I watched this in Showtime. What a tragic life...even sadder that Dad took all their earnings and essentially drank them all.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks for posting; i wouldn't have ever heard this again in my life if you hadn't. An interesting thought experiment would involve playing some of the best songs from discounted square pop bands for a 21st century rock fan without telling him and it could be her who it was, and asking for their reaction. Because the harmonies from these guys are pretty objectively great & this particular song holds up surprisingly well.

Alex said...

The Bee Gees had an attempted comeback album out maybe 15 or so years back. And it had a track on it that sounded like it wanted to be on Revolver - not at all like the sound we've grown to associate with them. In a more just world, it would've been a hit.

Too bad we don't live in that more just world...

Anonymous said...

great tune, great band.

don't think B Boys had to be pushed to make music. That they were abused by Murry is sad though.