Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Which We Fight Off Rival Gangs And Take Total Possession of the Hill

Like There Was Nothing Ever Wrong For the Rest of Our Days

One day when you think back on this room, you won't be able to recall what it looks like.

Or if you do it will seem small.

Impossibly small.

But maybe it's just that your world was small. Impossibly small.

Until you pushed against it.

Broke through a membrane.

Realized there was more going on than the things you saw every day.

Maybe you sensed something not quite in sight.

Something that made you think you could see the lines. If you looked quickly. Or turned to the right angle.

Shafts of light. Passing between us. Connecting us all.

And the light's colors would tell you something.

Would tell you the relationship. The prism of feelings.

And sometimes. When you closed your eyes. You were right.

It was all... right there.