Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To Sleep Perchance to Bryan Adams

There's Times I'd Been Mistaken

In the dream, I was at an airport.

I'd gotten off a plane.

Someone came up to me. And said "We've got to hurry, Mr. Adams."

I said he had the wrong guy.

He didn't listen.

And then I was in a limo.

And being helped into a suit.

And I was handed a guitar.

And pushed onto stage.

Where the band started playing. That big hit song.

And the crowd cheered as I walked up to the microphone. A roadie handed me a cord and I plugged in the guitar.


Because it was a dream...

I didn't worry that I couldn't play guitar.

I didn't worry that I hadn't picked up my bags at the airport.

I didn't worry that the real guy would show up.

All I could think of was that I hoped the pool was really empty and that I couldn't remember all the words to this song:

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