Friday, July 26, 2013

Guitars and Drums and Desperate Poetry

Late to the party again

First things first: Go read Holly Hughes on Frank Turner.

She's right -- this is what it's all about. A call to arms for people who love music. And a call to the stage for those who want to make music.

Second, I know I'm late to this party... but at least I'm here.

Yes, Frank Turner sounds like Billy Bragg with a better voice.

Yes, his playful populism is infectious.

Yes, he sold out Wembley and yet I'd never heard of him.

Yes, maybe others invented the genre of "Atheist Gospel" before, but Frank Turner might just be the one who perfected it.

Go, check out his music. Listen, dance, enjoy, celebrate.

And feel renewed.

1 comment:

Carson Lee said...

I read the Holly Hughes post about Frank Turner -- THAT was sort of what I was trying to talk about in my blog, but was struggling to find the thought --

thanks for the good recommendation;
and appreciate your blog;
will be back