Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can't Say What We've Seen

Give Us Time To Work It Out

A friend sent me this video yesterday. And it reminded me how weird and wonderful Talking Heads were... and how much I always loved this video.

Maybe it's the marching-band-type drums.

Or the accordian.

Or the "city in my mind" imagery.

Or the endless romance of the open road in the middle of nothing.

In any event, enjoy:


Mister Pleasant said...

What a great song, and I had nearly forgotten about it. One of my favorite bands from my college years. Ran into David Byrne in the restroom at the Sooner Theater in Norman, OK before their show. This was during their tour for "Fear of Music". What an incredible show that was.

Unfortunately Mr. Byrne appears to be a bit of a dick in his post-band years. Too bad he has not made another movie as I have always thought that "True Stories" is an amazing film - part satire, part tribute to middle America.

Steven said...

Talking Heads made some great videos. This is one. What a cool band!