Friday, January 31, 2014

From Here

Your life is heading in a questionable direction...

The sound comes through the radio.

High in the mountains. Late at night.

The guy who shouldn't be there. The girl he left behind.

Stuck in the radio station. Convinced no one's listening.

Playing her favorite records. Over and over.

Reading from her letters. The letters that she sent him.

Reading them on air. For the people who won't listen.

The snow is coming down now. And soon it will get harder.

And soon it covers everything. Except for that one sound.

And if you think you can outdrive it. If you think you can get away.

If you think you can cross over the mountain range. And you won't hear it anymore.

You've got another thought coming.

And another. And another.

While the songs keep on coming. And the guy keeps on talking.

And the snow falls in front of you. Blanketing, blinding.

Your headlights keep moving you forward. Because you'll never go back.

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