Friday, July 18, 2014

Backwards Forwards Square And Round

And More and that's for sure...

There's an alley, down the hill. You cut through there on the way to the restaurant.

You stop at the restaurant on the way to the other place.

She doesn't want to go to the restaurant. She thinks you should walk around the block instead of cutting through the alley.

You want her to be happy. So you do.

You're annoyed by this. You have your routine. She's causing you to break it.

And you do.

Years later, you don't remember the other place.

You barely remember the restaurant.

You know you went there dozens of times.

But you remember all about the girl.

How she annoyed you. How she didn't want to do anything you wanted.

How her hair smelled.

The way she smiled when you walked up.

Years later, you remember.

Even though you wish you didn't.

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