Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some Day Your Name Will Be A Verb

Dr. Frank from the Mr. T Experience, aka Frank Portman, has written a great angsty teen novel called King Dork.

The protagonist is a teenage boy who plays a little guitar and is forever starting bands with his best friend, who plays a little bass. They name their bands, adopt stage names, design logos and album covers, then move on to a new band... without bothering to rehearse, write songs, learn material, or perform.

As part of the audiobook for King Dork, Dr. Frank wrote and recorded versions of a few of the songs his hero eventually writes in the book.

And here are a few:

The book's plot fizzles a bit by the end, but I highly recommend it because of how well it captures how it feels to be a male teenager trying to figure out life, love, sex, family, and friendships.

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