Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An Ocean's Garbled Vomit on the Shore

Sometimes you just see something that makes you say "Ah, life's rich pageant."

In Los Angeles, this happens sometimes on an hourly basis.

And after a while, you get used to the absurdity of small dogs in baby carriages. Or self-important SUV drivers assuming they always have the right of way. Or the random rantings of the insane on the streets.

But it's nice to think L.A. can still shock me from time to time.

So the other day, I was feeling a bit low. And I went into a coffee shop where I saw a guy in a T-shirt and jeans drinking a five-dollar coffee drink.

And I watched him pinch his fingers together on his t-shirt, raise it up about six inches and then blow his nose on the inside of his shirt before letting it fall back down.

And then he did it again a minute later.

And suddenly, none of the problems in my life seemed all that important anymore...

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