Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Airwaves They Took Me

So many late nights. Listening. In the dark. Under the covers.

Missives coming in from miles away.

Longing and loss and jangly guitars.

So much information in a quick hiccup of a vocal.

So many who wanted exactly, exactly what was offered.

So many dark nights. Driving and wishing.

The radio pointing me home. Even when I wasn't sure what home even meant.

The radio sharing cold haunting visions. And warm sparkling thunderous scenes you might never reach.

And, beneath it all... love.

Love and the promise of love were all you needed.

And a tank of gas.

And a vague sense of direction.

Because before satellites and GPS devices in your phones, there was only the vague sense.

And a way to follow. A way to go.

It wasn't always the quickest way. It definitely wasn't always the right way.

But as long as you had the radio with you, it was a way that got you somewhere.

And that got us everywhere.

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