Friday, February 6, 2009

Slipping Through the Cracks of Possibilities

This part of the day bewilders me.

The light of day is for working. Accomplishments. Getting things done.

Night is a time for unwinding. Romance. The thrill of the hunt.

The times between are where possibilities blur together. It's not quite light, not yet dark. Between the certainty of the day and the nagging doubt of night is a window of opportunity where plans are hatched. Schemes are born. Ideas emerge that would never work in daylight and could never fly at night.

And the tail-chasing. Analyzing endings and beginnings. Replaying it all to try to come up with a different result.

Between the sunset and certified darkness
Dusk comes on and I follow
The exhaust from memory up to the end

Civil twilight, that period after sundown where there's still enough light to see, is where possibilities live. Between the certainties of day and night, we can slip between worlds. Make real changes. Move forward in ways that are hard to imagine.

Couple that with a change in seasons and you've really got something. An opportunity. A period of immense challenge and confusion.

Those periods are scary as hell. Filled with doubt. And simultaneously the most hopeless and hopeful parts of life. (Link for Gmail subscribers).

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