Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day (now with extra moping and aliens!)

Everyone needs love. Even Goths.

Even jangly mope-rockers. Which means, yup, even fans of the Smiths & Morrissey.

Which brings me to this video of comedian Dave Hill at a speed-dating event aimed solely at Smiths fans. As Hill says "You really can't lose. Unless you don't like the Smiths and Morrissey, in which case you could lose." (Link for Gmail subscribers.)

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I first knew the song "Only You" from the Ringo Starr cover (and not the great 1950s version by the Platters). (I blame the aliens in Ringo's space ship.)

And by the way, how wild does your night have to be that you would wind up in the morning in a bathrobe on top of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood with two statues, a space ship, and a singing alien? (Link for Gmail subscribers.)

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Anonymous said...

Now, don't be hating on the goth chicks! They thrive on that...