Monday, August 31, 2009

One Poor Correspondent Runs Out of Time

One of my favorite blogs is closing up shop.

In his 1,000th post, blogger Tom Nawrocki announced that he's ending his great blog One Poor Correspondent.

I discovered this blog recently and combed through most of his archived posts, wondering how I'd missed such a gem for so long. If you love music (and if you don't, why are you here?) and good writing, check out One Poor Correspondent.

The blog started as a general pop-culture blog, with short and snappy posts about music, movies, TV, news items, etc. Over time, the posts grew longer and some of the highlights have been stories about music and musicians and an ongoing series focusing on rock's one-hit wonders.

You can (and some of you will) spend days pouring over Tom's blog, but here are a few of my favorite moments:

Connecting Phil Spector with Leonard Cohen and the Partridge Family

The Best Album Titles of All Time

The Last Top 40 Hits for Artists in the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame

How the Guess Who got their Name

Morris Levy can't catch John Lennon (or can he?)

One Hit Wonders: Pilot

Thanks for the blog, Tom!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Good luck, Tom!