Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Ramones on Lithium and Ukulele

I scour the internet for weird shit so you won't have to.

Exactly 25 years ago today, I walked into one of the great used record stores in the college town where I grew up and bought four Ramones albums on vinyl. They were cutouts from Portugal (for reasons I never quite understood) priced to move at $1.99 each.

Thinking today about that store (sadly long gone), I couldn't help but wonder what the Ramones would sound like if the band was on Lithium reminiscing years later about their favorite hangouts that were now closed. Here's an approximation (with extra cello goodness):

That kind of bummed me out, so I turned (as I'm sure you do) to the upbeat sounds of a Japanese ukulele master playing "I Wanna Be Sedated" while Mr. Bean looks on. Wonder no more:

If you need a palate cleanser after all that weirdness, get out your cutout Portugese vinyl. Or the next best thing -- the Ramones sitting around a table eating cereal while Joey sings and the world goes crazy around them (link for Gmail subscribers).


asiangrrl said...

I love that song. I love the cello. However, the cello does not really suit the song. I'm glad you included the original!

Alex said...

The cello kind of turns it into an entirely different song...