Thursday, October 29, 2009

Listen to This, Go Here, Read That

What Got My Attention This Week...

It used to mean something when a record made the charts. These days? Not so much.
NPR's "On the Media" explains the charts -- then and now.

Holly Hughes over at The Song in My Head Today tackles Eighties Cheese all week, but has particularly great posts on Modern English and Bonnie Tyler. (But shouldn't that type of cheese be spelled "cheez"?)

Marcello Carlin over at Then Play Long has been reviewing every British Number 1 album from 1956 on. He's up to December 1968 and The Beatles (aka The White Album, which gets the usual comprehensive treatment.

Peter over at Peter's Power Pop celebrates the most unique (and perhaps embarassing) song in David Bowie's oevre.

Jim Bartlett over on the blog has the definitive look at "The Monster Mash." Jim also blogs at The Hits Keep Coming -- which is always a good read. (By the way, you can hear "The Monster Mash" here, among other places.)

And, to stretch the Halloween theme a bit, dreams can always be a little spooky. Connie over at W. Va. Fur and Root has had a recurring dream for years -- pop over there and help her interpret it!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Scary Lego monsters!

Connie said...

Alex, thanks! I need all the help with this dream that I can get. I've had it every night for 5 days now. The poster is now for a Janis Joplin concert.

Peter said...

Thanks for the mention, Alex. Although my blog focuses on Australian power pop, I'll sneak in more of Mr Bowie's weirder tracks from time to time (such as "It's No Game [Part 1]" which is demented – it has David singing with an oddly strangulated voice, and contains some magnificently warped Japanese vocals. How can you not love all of that?)

Alex said...

Connie, now you stumped me!

Peter, you can't not love that. It's just impossible. (And one of my favorite non-hit Bowie tracks, too.)