Monday, October 5, 2009

OK, It's Alright with Me

Shiny, Happy Monday Thoughts

Here are three things I love for the beginning of the week, all from blogs you should visit.

Steven at Stevenology 2.0 posted recently about singer/songwriter Eric Hutchinson, who clearly has a great pop sensibility and ready access to Adobe's After Effects program. Eric is currently touring with American Idol Kelly Clarkson -- and hopefully winning over tons of her fans. His music is simple and likable and too damn catchy to ignore.

Jim Bartlett over at The Hits Just Keep on Coming points out that it was 40 years ago today that Monty Python's Flying Circus first aired on the BBC. While the Pythons might not be together anymore, this fact is bound to leave them pining for the fjords.

And, on the subject of pining, Echoes in the Wind looks at the idea that couples need a song. For my take on the topic, click here.

Bonus: Ms. Mix & Bitch over at Mix Tape Therapy (sadly not covered under proposed healthcare reform legislation) runs down 2009's Top Ten celebutard baby names. (And the celebs who apparently don't care that naming a kid Spec Wildhorse will result in years and years of therapy...)


Anonymous said...

Great Eric Hutchinson song. Now if I could only figure out the lyrics! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't get that song out of my head.
I hope that doesn't mean I have to go see Kelly Clarkson.

Steven said...

Big thanks for the shout out to stevenology. I appreciate it. That song is so catchy! He was really entertaining to see when we were up in Seattle at the Bumbershoot Festival last month.

Thanks again,