Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weather... Or Not

In which, perhaps, I (briefly) control the weather.

Did I actually believe that I controlled the weather when I was in college?

It's a surprisingly difficult question to answer.

I did have a spooky relationship with the weather back then. And would (occasionally) promise (and deliver) either snow or a sunny day on demand (or tell friends that their desired weather just wouldn't happen).

Maybe I was just in tune with the meteorological truths. Or maybe it was all just hundreds of coincidences.

But I never believed that I could control the weather and shape it to my own whims.

I still don't believe that.

And yet...

I'm up in Alaska right now. Today, I spent a lot of time with two people who rely on snow for their livelihood and they lamented the lack of white stuff on the ground. "Don't worry," I told both of them, "I brought snow up with me from Los Angeles. We don't need it down there." And I promised them snow this week.

Now, you might say that I checked the forecast on (I did). And you might know that the forecast called for snow showers later this week (it did). And you might suspect that I want people to think that I'm cool enough to be able to deliver weather on demand (you'd be right).

But the forecast said the snow wouldn't start until tomorrow.

And it started an hour after I promised snow. And hasn't stopped yet.

Coincidence? You tell me. (Link with badly synced sound for Gmail subscribers.)

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Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

I do hope that you use your powers for good (or, like me, apathy) and not evil.