Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Propeller Time...

Peter Gabriel, eat your heart out.

Remember when you were a kid and every inanimate object was a toy. You'd invent stories about the salt shaker having a blood feud with the candlestick and various utensils would root for their favorites.

Robyn Hitchcock does.

Times like these make me wish MTV still played videos. This one would be in heavy rotation for sure.


Holly A Hughes said...

That is such a delicious video. Do you know the other one he did with Hannah Bird, the Christmas one? Look for it on YouTube. Equally bizarro.

I'm so cranky that I haven't gotten my Propellor Time CD yet, even though I pre-ordered it directly from YepRoc weeks ago. What's the point of being a devoted Fegmaniac if I can't get the CD on time, at least (I'd HOPED for early . . . )

Alex said...

I hadn't seen it until now (it's here), but you're right. Bizarro/cool.

I kept meaning to pre-order my CD, but I forgot... so now I'll have to settle for just ordering it. :)

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Truly, if I had to choose between having MTV and having Clicks and Pops, I'd go for Clicks and Pops in a heartbeat, no lie.