Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympics Withdrawal

Nope, driving down Olympic Blvd. doesn't help.

Okay, I'm officially going through Olympics withdrawal.

But one thing I won't miss is this.

At the risk of being rude, can you think of a rock 'n' roller less athletic than Lou Reed?

And at the risk of being snarky, wouldn't Lou Reed's perfect day feature a lot less snowboarding and a lot more heroin?

And at the risk of being overly obvious -- isn't this a crappy commercial because nearly everyone remembers it but almost no one remembers what it's supposed to be advertising?


thingy said...

I rarely remember the product being advertised, but, I really liked the P&G commercial with the young children as athletes.
They picked some great kids.

I don't do heroin, so, I'm not sure how to get my next fix, either.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Day is a day without that commercial?

Holly A Hughes said...

I managed to watch very little of the Olympics (hey, I'm still going through World Series withdrawal; I know my limitations). But I did hear this commercial from another room while my kids were watching curling. I happen to love this song, but I can't imagine why anybody would ever WANT to use it for a commercial. It is so not a traditional feel-good song. And I'm disappointed in Lou Reed for selling it.