Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shake Some Action Psychotic Reaction No Satisfaction Sky Pilot Sky Saxon

She might have deceived my friends...

It was no longer summer. The hot rains of August were long gone as the nights turned colder.

I was still in Providence. And she was still in Providence. But we might have been living thousands of miles away from each other.

And the rain was pouring down. Cold rain that got into your bones and made you long for a roaring fire. Or a bottle of whiskey.

But there was no fire. And no whiskey.

Just the rain.

And a song came on the radio. A song we both had loved. Staring into the night, watching streetlights prism the raindrops, I remembered.

And wished I could forget.

All I could do was turn off the radio.

I couldn't even leave. Not for another five months. And she'd stay there for the next two years (possibly just to spite me although I'm sure she'd tell you different).

Every step on every street was filled with memories. And every memory involved her.

A thousand dreams of her -- both happy dreams and nightmares. And what's worse, the happy dreams that seemed nightmarish when I woke up and she was gone.


... that night. With the cold rain.

When the phone rang. And like an idiot, I picked up.

Against all odds it was her.

I shouldn't have talked to her. I should have done anything else... I should've fought the dinosaurs in this video.


I didn't.

Hoodoo Gurus - I Want You Back


Anonymous said...

We've all been this stupid.

And young.

And did I mention stupid?

March to the Sea said...

Love Bittersweet..such a great record too!

whiteray said...

We always answer the phone. We always talk. And there might be lifetimes in which we don't regret doing so.