Monday, May 10, 2010

Craigslist Ads and the New Wave Songs That Love Them

#1 in an Occasional Series

Missed Connections -- Corner of **** and *** 5/7

Our eyes met and you smiled at me. I could almost have died happy right then and there.

You -- Christie Brinkley blonde in silver Mercedes convertible with wind billowing your hair, your eyes twinkling as you laughed over bluetooth. Me -- JoBro face with scraggly beard. I was pushing shopping cart containing exactly 981 bottles and cans. Just enough to buy us both dinner as long as you don't drink.

Please tell me you don't drink. I'd hate to ruin my idea of what you'd be like on a date (and might need another week to gather the necessary bottles and cans).

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Anonymous said...

If only we could power our homes with delusions, we'd solve the energy crisis once and for all!

Holly A Hughes said...

God, I love this song. (As I love most everything by JJ.) Somehow he adds just the right amount of emotional angst to the power pop formula -- speaks to the latent teen anguish in all of us. I like to pair this song with Marshall Crenshaw's "Dime A Dozen Guy."

Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

This made me laugh out loud and today I really needed it.