Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Dixon/Jones

Just a tad more...

Continuing the Don Dixon/Marti Jones jag of the past week, here's another double-shot of Don Dixon and Marti Jones.

Because great songs are great songs no matter how much (or how little) instrumentation they have, here's Dixon and Jones with a stripped-down live version of "Praying Mantis" (complete with instructions on the secret hidden chord):

And the full-band version of Marti's great cover of Bland Simpson's "Follow You All Over the World" (which, in a more just universe, would have made her bigger than Madonna -- and capable of better choices in movie roles):


Holly A Hughes said...

Yay, more cool stuff! You should really be on their payroll -- you're the best PR these guys could get (or at least the best they could get for free...).

Holly A Hughes said...

Just downloaded a buncha Don Dixon tunes -- thanks for paving the road!