Thursday, September 2, 2010

In 22 seconds

Exactly one month late for Peter O'Toole's 78th birthday

Back to music tomorrow.

But it's late summer and I'm too hot and too tired. So I go flipping through channels on cable and up pops Peter O'Toole.

I've probably seen The Stunt Man a dozen times. It's a great movie about movies (like Inception, only without the cool special effects and dreams-within-dreams-within-etc.).

It's a movie about what we see and what we want to believe.

Every time it's on cable, I'll watch it all the way through to the end. And Peter O'Toole is amazing (he should've beaten out DeNiro to get the Oscar for this).

So this is a movie I've seen a lot.

But I'd never seen this:

If you can get past the 70s hipster style, Richard Rush is pretty great here (and very meta).

But if you really want something cool during the dog days of summer, you need a tall drink of this:


Anonymous said...

Love this movie almost as much as My favorite Year!

Mister Pleasant said...

Now this is what I call a real "film". Never mind that the film within a film that O'Toole's Eli is making is turgid, for everything taking place while making the movie is spellbinding. I used to trot this out on an old VHS copy from Cinemax for unsuspecting visitors. O'Toole was never better.

A favorite moment for me is when
Cameron tells Nina "Hey, I know you, you're in the movies." Her classic reply - "I *am* the movies." Barbara Hershey was a knock out in this film.