Sunday, February 27, 2011


No More Rain

What's the matter?

"I expect incompetence. I mean, that's part of the package. They're always incompetent."

Not always, but okay...

"But I don't expect stupidity."

No, you expect them to be smart. That's why they're running the company.

"Exactly. Although they don't actually run it..."

Which is where the incompetence comes in.


"But today. Today they did something. Something stupid."

Sure, but they've done stupid things before.

"Lots. Lots and lots. But this is different."


"Much stupider. And arrogantly stupider. It's like they're trying to destroy the company.

But it's their company. Why would they want to destroy it?

"Because. They're. Too. Fucking. Stupid. To. Know. How stupid and incompetent they are."

Oh. Right.

"And even if they knew, they wouldn't care."

Because they're stupid.


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Anonymous said...

Been there. Hated that.