Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inquisitions and Missionaries Seem Fairly Bizarre

I Can Lounge About

If you're going to form a rock band, there's worse things you can do than model yourself musically after XTC in the early to mid-80s.

In a more perfect world, these guys would've been huge:

But sadly, of the groups from last decade that most resembled XTC, these guys flamed out the quickest, leaving behind one unspeakably brilliant album.

The second album was never finished... but the band made all the raw tracks available online as an "open source album." So if you're inclined to finish these songs, remix them, add or subtract elements and combine them into something new... then go at it.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

They'll wear some tiny little hat and they'll feel good? -- hey! I resemble that!

Love the first one, Godhopping, but only after i stopped looking at the cheap visuals on the video; I'd still rank No. 2 as No. 1 among this duo though, because Lounger kills! Amazing changes, amazing vocals & funny/sad irony -- more subtle than godhopping, plus: I am cazarr baby! I don't need to keep my room extra tidy no more!!

So the band is (once again) new to me; thanks Alex.

Jon, can you use any of this open source stuff?

Steven said...

Good sort-of XTC-ish album, sad to hear there will be no more. Thanks for the info though...