Monday, May 9, 2011

Now That You Know Who You Are

Tuned to a Natural E

"When you name something, it gives you power over it."

I don't believe that.

"Then how come you felt better when you learned the name of the weird flu you had?"

That wasn't about the name. It was about being able to get better.

"By using the name. Because knowing the name gave you power."

But what about before anyone named it? Naming a disease doesn't mean you've cured it.

"Maybe not. But if you divide everything into two... before you name it and after you name it... the before part is all swirling and amorphous."

And the after part is swirling and amorphous with a name.

"What about you? What were you before you had a name?"

I didn't exist. My parents named me long before I was born.

"Maybe they did. Maybe you just came into existence with a name. And that name seeped through the membranes until your parents recognized it. And knew it was part of you."

I can't find the reference anymore... But a few years ago someone told me that, before the word "hippie" caught on, people who were... basically hippies referred to themselves as "the Beautiful People." (And if you know where this "fact" originated, let me know.)

I know this much: John Lennon had a weird psychedelic song fragment called "One of the Beautiful People" and Paul McCartney had a chorus that started "Baby You're a Rich Man." And they strung the two together, tweaked the lyrics, and came up with a hippie anthem for the period just before anyone knew the word "hippie."

By the way, Wikipedia says the original mono mix of this song featured a spin echo feedback delay that bridged the end of one verse with the start of the next. When it came time to make a stereo mix, engineer Geoff Emerick could not recreate the spin echo effect, so he just took it out. (Feel free to compare and contrast.)

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

In the beginning i misunderstood, but now i've got it the word is

But the mainliest thing I caught on first compare & contrast? The handclaps sound much cooler in mono -- being right THERE rather than "right over there somewhere kind of peeking out from behind that other thing if you listen real hard"

Yessir, I got all your Beatles handclap news right here Alex ...

But I will return to these versions later to look for the old missing triple reverse subterranean backwards echo delay feedback loop effect trick (damn that Geoffrey! And he said mean things about George in his book too: don't think I've forgotten about THAT, Emerick!), which I think I missed on first listens on account of getting all hung up on the hand claps.

Also: I liked the opening dialogue, Alex, i liked it good, i liked it real good ...