Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Craigslist Ads And the New Wave Songs That Love Them #11

I'll Get A Doctor To Take A Picture

You're the cute Asian girl with the fringed brown boots, short skirt, and dyed blonde hair.

I'm the guy in the Banarama T-shirt from the #6 bus who talked about your tattoos.

I'm sure it was just an accident (maybe you transposed some numbers), but you seem to have given me the wrong number.

I've been thinking of you non-stop and can't wait to get together so I can photograph your tats and show you my sword! :)

Maybe if you're up for it, we can eat sushi off each other's bodies too.


Chip said...

Loved this song back in the day.

gigo sacul said...

this is my ringtone. got the lp too.