Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Drunkard's Dream If I Ever Did See One

RIP Levon Helm

The pride of Turkey Scratch, Arkansas died this afternoon at age 71 of cancer.

Helm was an integral part of the Hawks and the Band, playing what would eventually be called Americana. But it hardly mattered what you called his mixture of folk, country, R&B, and Rock -- what mattered was the voice and the music.

May the Midgnight Rambles continue.


Anonymous said...

Great voice... sad to see him go.

Steven said...

Great music. RIP indeed.

Holly A Hughes said...

Are the Midnight Rambles going to continue? Because -- and I'm being totally selfish here -- Nick Lowe and Graham Parker were booked for next Saturday night. I didn't snag a ticket, but man, that would be such a show....

I'm astonished at how much this particular death hit me. I think it wasn't just his musical achievement, incredible as that was, but the warmth and humanity he emanated. You couldn't see the man perform without sensing the whole continuity of American music flowing through him. We won't see his like again soon.

Alex said...

Holly, I completely agree with you.

Looks like next week's Ramble is not happening -- Levon's website says all future Rambles have been cancelled. I'd love to see the Rambles continue in some form (or maybe even for someone to launch a larger all-star memorial concert at some later point).

I know the family has a lot to deal with right now, but there seems to be a tremendous outpouring of love and respect for Levon -- rightly so, but possibly more than most people might have expected.