Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playing to the Gallery

57 Things She's Never Gonna Use

The story that goes with this song is long. And complicated.

But the song is short. And simple.

Given the choice... I'm going with the song.

Because the story never made sense back then.

And it certainly doesn't make any more sense now.

But the song's only gotten better.

And isn't that what everyone wants from a song?


Anonymous said...

I want the story too!

I'm greedy, but I want it

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Good god! How many different songs are there called Valerie are there, anyway? Six thousand? And do ANY of them suck? I don't think so! Man we should all quick write our own Valerie songs; they're bound to rock. Personally, I want Richard's green Tele and i also want to play it like he plays it ...