Saturday, November 10, 2012

Go Here, Listen To This, Read That

Post-Election Edition

Mr. Who, of the fantastic Any Major Dude with Half A Heart blog does an impressive survey of Right-Wing Pop-Songs. Wish I'd thought of it (or had the energy or knowledge to organize it this well). My only minor quibble: where's Neil Young from his pro-Reagan period? Go read now.

Hope Street celebrates voting through doodles on calendars (and, hey, why not?)

7 Inches of 70s Pop celebrates election day with Chuck Berry's only certified million-seller, the intensely stupid "My Ding-A-Ling." Maybe after all the racial persecution he suffered, it was just Chuck's way of flipping the bird to the suburban white kids who never gave him enough credit.

And finally, although it would be a huge stretch to call this post-election (not only for the content, but also because it was written weeks ago), here's a story I can't resist:

AM, Then FM tracks down the original owner of a vinyl copy of the White Album, bought in a used record store in Madison.

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