Wednesday, November 14, 2012

James and the Royalty-Free Peach

Jump Right Over Your Down-in-the-Dumps Thing

In the early 1990s, Andy Partridge from XTC wrote and recorded four demos for Disney's James and the Giant Peach movie.

Disney reportedly offered him a buyout that gave them total ownership of the songs and didn't require them to pay any royalties on any of the songs.

He said no.

Disney replaced him with Randy Newman. Who is a great songwriter (and, as someone who both was a relatively big name and a vet of Disney movies, presumably was able to get a better deal from the Mouse).

But I still want to see the Andy Partridge-ified movie. And I still want to hear these songs fleshed out, given the full Disney treatment. I'll bet they'd still be identifiable as Andy Partridge songs. (And I'll bet that movie might have been a huge jolt for Andy, with or without XTC).

Instead, it's yet another alternate universe project that never saw the light of day on this side.

So... in honor of spending too much time on the phone arguing with insurance companies about something that was their fault nearly a year ago...

And in honor of all my friends who are going through difficult times lately.

Here's my hope for you, courtesy of Andy Partridge:

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Steven said...

This song is just right for a movie like that. Andy gets no respect. Yes Randy has talent too but Andy is one of the best.