Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Forgotten Christmas Songs, Part 4

I kinda miss 'em, I just don't wanna kiss 'em

This hasn't aged well... but maybe that's okay.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I dunno. Good or bad tunes I defined these terms, quite clear no doubt somehow, but … I mean, this song has stuff to commend it. The whole Xmas time AGAIN feeling gets at that nostalgic warm new year’s eve after-3-pints-feeling of “where did the time go.” And I love that “miss ‘em but don’t wanna kiss ‘em” thought, which evokes precisely the feeling a young Mr. Who for sure had especially with regards to certain old aunts, and they knew who they were. The “kids rockin’ down the street” line nails how at bottom this is the one time of year when kids of a certain age get so excited they can’t STAND it. And doesn’t the body next to mine under the mistle toe have a great Wilburys’ feel? Plus you know, I don’t think Tom is capable of writing something that isn’t at least listenable …

Alex said...

All good points, Mr. Who.

Maybe my memory of this song from back in the day was a bit too lofty... hearing it again after probably 15 years made me feel a bit let down. (But maybe that's just my natural holiday crankiness coming through.)