Thursday, December 12, 2013

Forgotten Christmas Songs, Part 6

Great harmonies... which shouldn't surprise anyone given the lineage... (And the sax solo sounds pretty good too...)

I could have sworn this was Wilson-Phillips, but it's just Carnie & Wendy Wilson during the Wilson-Phillips hiatus.

Not sure why this one fell out of favor when so many crappy Christmas songs still get played, but here it is again. Just like it's 1993 all over.

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Agreed! Haven't heard this in a decade or two and it still doesn't make me want to kill myself, which is a really good thing when we're talking pop Xmas music. But, to contradict my snark, I actually think a great Xmas song can't be beat so when someone tries ... i mean in a way it's kind of like when a pop singer tackles the National Anthem, I do have some respect just for the bravery of the effort. I mean, hipsters know they're risking a ton of snark just by doing a Christmas album. Oh hell, I'll admit it -- now I want to buy their freaking Hey Santa album. Damn you Alex!