Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dance on the Edge of the Dark

The World Don't Stop Every Time That You Call

It's slightly off-balance. Slightly discordant. Slightly syncopated.

In the way it is. In the way things get when it's late.

And make no mistake -- it's late.

It's only later that you recognize it's late.

Only much, much later.

For now, it's a lot of noise. A lot of motion.

A lot of people doing a lot of things to keep from feeling the things that they're feeling.

And if you concentrate you can see this, but you never concentrate.

You're busy. Hanging out. Meeting people. Imagining a future.

Imagining the future of the other people you're with and drawing Venn diagrams of how those futures intersect.

And you're doing things you hate with people you like hoping you'll find someone to love.

And hoping you can find the right song on the radio that will bring you all together so you won't see how very, very, very far apart you are.

Because it's late. And you should be asleep.

But you want desperately to be awake.

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