Thursday, October 15, 2015

Got to Leave The Old World Behind

I Can't Explain

Sometimes you know.

The words are so general that the don't really have much meaning.

The voice is thin and high -- as if to make it clearer that the whole thing just isn't very good.

But then something happens.

A great hook. An amazing chorus.

Even though there's nothing really there.

Except the feeling.

Which soars. Inexplicably.

And then the next verse starts and it dips again. And you want to turn away because there are more important things to do and better songs to listen to.

But you don't. Because you want to soar again.

You want the chorus to take you places you didn't think the song or the singer could go.

And it does. Again.

And you wonder if you're just overlaying your own feelings onto the song.

Or the feelings you had decades ago when you first heart the song.

And in that moment, you go inside the song.

And the lead guitar grabs you. And takes you someehwere unexpected. Somewhere you don't have to worry about whether there should be an apostrophe in the title.

And all at once you're back in the past, far in the future, and somewhere else in the present.

Imagination made real.

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