Saturday, June 20, 2009

Straddling the Fine Line Between Cool and Stupid

It's Not Often That Words Fail Me.

But this is one of those times (h/t to One Poor Correspondent).

Just watch this.

Yeah, that's Ringo Starr looking horrible in an unkempt beard and dorky glasses. And, yeah, the girl is a pre-Princess Leia Carrie Fisher. And, yes, that's Sir Paul McCartney playing kazoo.

My only explanation: The 70s were a lot weirder than anyone thought.


Anonymous said...

Wow... a true WTF moment!

asiangrrl said...

Wow. That's not straddling the fine line, that's way over into stupid. I'm not high enough (or at all) to be watching this.

Alex said...

So Carrie Fisher does nothing for ya? :)

asiangrrl said...

Not when she's been slobbered over by Ringo Starr. Ew.

Alex said...

Maybe that explains why she's so sour and negative these days! (If that happened to you when you were 17, I imagine it would color how you saw the world, too... and maybe make you think that wearing a bikini and chains next to a drooling Jabba the Hut wasn't such a bad thing).