Tuesday, September 15, 2009

UK Blast From the Past

92 is the new 64.

How retro is the music industry in the U.K.?

The Queen of the British charts is Dame Vera Lynn, known for her patriotic songs from World War II. The 92-year-old known as England's "forces sweetheart" has the #1 album in the U.K.

I know she's a huge deal in England, but I'm not English, so they first time I'd heard of Vera Lynn was in this Robyn Hitchcock song:

And how about this: 4 Beatle albums in the top 10. 16 Beatle albums in the top 60. Both stereo and mono remastered box sets make the charts (stereo at #24 and mono at #57). Not bad for a band that hasn't existed for the last 39 years.

Maybe they'll be as big as Vera Lynn in 2035.

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