Sunday, September 27, 2009

Viva Sea-Tac

And also the Swedes.

I was in Seattle, for about 12 hours.

No time to sing the "Space Noodle" song.

No time to get cheese curds at the Public Market.

No time to marvel at the rotating elephant.

Just enough time to sing "Viva Sea-Tac" by Robyn Hitchcock (from Jewels for Sophia:

Viva Seattle-Tacoma
Viva, viva Sea-Tac
Viva viva viva viva viva Sea-Tac
They got the best computers and coffee and smack.

Sliced through 50-degree darkness at 4am to return an SUV considered an economy car.

Cut through the thickest fog I've ever seen at LAX until the runway was visible two seconds before the wheels touched down.

Anyway, since YouTube is not the boss of me, you can still hear the song here.

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